We are a local independent book seller passionate about fostering a love for reading and learning within the community.

Our goal is to encourage young readers and we welcome any schools that want to work with us.

What we can offer

Book Orders BOOK ORDERS: We will happily order books on your behalf and can offer a 15% discount on all orders and easy payment terms. We make book ordering easy with a single point of contact and even delivery where possible!
BOOK VOUCHERS: We can provide book vouchers for school prizes and incentives and again offer a 15% discount – we can also offer physical books as prizes.
FEATURES: We will happily feature partner schools on our website and promote them on social media.
Curated book selection CURATED BOOK SELECTION: We’re happy to visit your school with a selection of books and allowing you to choose your required titles easily and quickly.
BOOK FAIRS: We can again offer to host a book fair in your school for kids and teachers to enjoy new titles and genres.
LITERARY EVENTS: We’d love to collaborate with you on events such as reading challenges, book clubs, writing competitions and Book Week.

Overall, our goal is to make ordering books and vouchers an easy and enjoyable experience.
If you’re interested, please contact Michaela (Schools Coordinator) on or call Kate on 0418 166458 to chat.

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