Book Club

Our Book Club, run by the amazing Julie Chessman, has been going for many years and has evolved, enriched  and developed during that time due to the efforts and collaboration our members have put into its growth; it now stands at around 70 members.

Each year we aim to choose as varied a calendar as possible with 4 major prize winners to review, the Stella, the Pulitzer, The Booker and The Miles Franklin and a selection of genres across the vast selection of books on offer we try to encompass non-fiction, biography, contemporary fiction, and classic works and anything that takes our fancy from popular opinion or publisher recommendations.


It’s a super friendly group for book lovers:

Session Times

Thursdays: 5.30, 6.30,(Closed)  7.30.(Closed)

Fridays: 9am (Closed) and 10.15am

Online sessions coming soon.

To join the waitlist for the session please pop into the shop and register your interest:

Please Note:

Books for book club must be purchased from Umina Beach Book Nook.
$5 fee on the night. BYO wine, goodies or coffee.

Upcoming books in 2024

June Reviewing The Glass House – ANNE BUIST GRAEME SIMSION
  Reading Pulitzer Winner Night Watch  By J A Phillips
July Reviewing Pulitzer Winner Night Watch  By J A Phillips
  Reading Troy By Stephen Fry
August Reviewing No book club
  Reading No book club
September Reviewing Troy By Stephen Fry
  Reading Miles Franklin Winner
October Reviewing Miles Franklin Winner
  Reading Vladimir By Julia May Jonas
November Reviewing Vladimir By Julia May Jonas
  Reading TBC
December Reviewing TBC
  Reading  Mann Booker Winner