Tell Them My Name by Laura Maya


AUTHOR: Laura Maya

Tell Them My Name takes you on a journey, sharing often hilarious observations about ‘normal’ life in different cultures.

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Tell Them My Name tells the true story of two Nepalese elders who leave their Himalayan farm and travel to Paris on a quest to understand Western culture. In this offbeat travel memoir, four strangers from three countries, with barely a common language between them, decide to adopt each other as family and take on the world.

Dar Kumari is an indigenous Gurung woman living in the Nepali Himalayas with her elderly husband, Nar Bahadur. Their mud-brick house is in a remote farming village that has no electricity and can only be reached on foot. Their lives are turned upside down when a local NGO sends the Australian author, Laura, and her French husband, David, to live with their family while they help build the mountain’s first library.


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